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This Week's Lending Library Hours

Tuesday: 11:00-1:00
Wednesday: 12:00-2:00
Friday: 12:00-2:00
Saturday: 10:00-12:00

The Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that provides learning resources to preschool, homeschool, and traditionally schooled families. The core of our mission is to provide a location and resources for pre-K through 8th grade family learning.

Volunteer Opportunities

The DLC is an organization run entirely by volunteers. We have a great need for more people to help in the library so we can expand our hours.

Volunteers who can commit to serving at least two hours a week are eligible for a free lending library membership.

Email for more information.

Upcoming Adult Classes 

& Support Groups

Private School Affidavit (PSA)
Paperwork Party

If you are homeschooling independently this year (not under a charter, district or private independent study program), then you need to establish your own private school by filing a PSA (Private School Affidavit) with the California Department of Education between October 1st and 15th.

You can file your PSA online. Bring your laptop that can connect to wi-fi, or borrow one at the party, and we'll complete the online form and all the paperwork you need to establish your own private school.

This is an adults and babies in arms event for families who need to file the PSA this year.

CHN local contact Heddi Craft will be on hand to help with the process. 

Wednesday, October 7th: 7-9 pm
Leader: Heddi
Activity Rating: Adult & Babes in Arms

Homeschool Parent Support Group

Welcome to a new homeschool year!  This parent support group especially for homeschooling families takes place on the second Monday of every month.  It is an adult and babies in arms event where we talk about both the joys and the challenges of homeschooling in a supportive environment.  Both new and experienced homeschoolers are welcome to attend.  Tea, chocolate, and a good dose of empathy are provided! :-)

Questions about the support group?  Please contact Heddi at

Monday, October 12th: 7-9 pm
Leader: Heddi
Activity Rating: Adult & Babes in Arms

"Dyslexic Advantage" Reading Group 

Participants will read "The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain" by Brock L. Eide and Fernette F. Eide and discuss. 

We will focus on understanding the positive side of Dyslexia, not as a disability to be overcome, but rather as a unique way of processing information that affords dyslexics many advantages.

October meeting will discuss book through the "M-Strengths."

Tuesday, October 13th: 7-9 pm
Leader: Deb Bell
Activity Rating: Adult & Babes in Arms

Dyslexic Advantage

paperwork party

This Week at the DLC

Are you homeschooling independently? Now is the time to file your Private School Affidavit!

If you think you need help with your paperwork, come to our workshop this Wednesday. Heddi will be available to answer all your questions and walk you through the process. 

Current Classes & Clubs

Download a copy of our 
Fall Course Listings or view the descriptions below. 

Our workshops are free to supporting members.  We request a $2-$5 (sliding scale based on what you're comfortable with) donation per family for each class day of all others to help support the DLC.  Some classes have an additional materials fee listed in the class description.

NOTE: The DLC is not a drop off program. If you wish to leave the DLC campus while your child is participating in a class, activity, or club, then you must arrange for another parent or caregiver who will be staying on campus to supervise your child.


No Monday classes at this time.


Story Writing Workshop

In this class students will learn story writing and basic editing while writing an original piece of fiction. The class will be divided into two units, elements of a story and editing. Each week during elements of a story we will share homework then have a short lecture on that week’s topic followed by a quiet activity and, finally, a freewriting period with several writing prompts.  In the second unit, editing, we will have a short lecture followed by editing exercises and we will spend most of the class providing
feedback on student work. (See calendar for full class description, pre-requisites, and requirements).

Tuesdays: 10:00-11:30
Leader: Juliet Stubblebine
Activity Rating: Mellow

History Through Literature

Each month we will read a different fictional novel based in early modern or modern times.  We will learn about the history of that time, share our own research, and discuss the book.  Ages 12-15.  See more details on our class web page:

Tuesdays: 12-1pm
Leader: Heddi
Activity Rating: Mellow

Light & Optics  

An exploration of light and optics mainly using TOPS Light curriculum with activities from Physics Quest and elsewhere.  We will explore these topics in depth with hands-on activities, discussion and writing. Ages 11 and up.  Students need to be able to stay focused and read and write independently.

Tuesdays: 2:00-4:00
Leader: Heather and Melody
Activity Rating: Tangy
Material Fee: One-time material fee TBA

RSVP required.  Please e-mail Melody at


Story of the World Book 4: Modern Times 

Weekly history club for kids approximately ages 9-11 and their parents. We will be using Story of the World, Pt. 4, Modern Times as our guide and we request that you purchase or borrow the book and read the indicated chapters as noted on our class page before attending if possible. At each meeting, we will spend about 20 minutes on a focused discussion of the reading and then we'll do art, projects, and games related to the readings each week.  This class will involve more writing and focus than the previous three years.

Wednesdays: 12-1pm
Leader: Heddi
Activity Rating: Mellow to Tangy 
Material Fee: $2:00 per child most weeks

Junior Light & Optics

An exploration of light and optics mainly using TOPS Light curriculum with activities from Physics Quest and elsewhere.  We will explore these topics with hands-on activities and discussion. Ages 8-10.  Students need an interest in science and the willingness to focus on experiments.

Wednesday: 10-11  
Leader: Heather and Melody
Activity Rating: Tangy
Material Fee: One-time material fee TBA

RSVP required.  Please e-mail Melody at


Homeschool Writing Club

The kids will have fun writing and learn how to support each other.

The focus will be on getting ideas out of your head and onto the paper (or computer). At each meeting we'll do a "close" reading of a short piece of literature and then try out the techniques used by the author. We'll also explore different ways to publish and share our work from traditional bookmaking techniques to computer options. No reading or writing required between meetings. Open to all interested writers 10 and up. Reluctant writers and dyslexic/dysgraphic kids are fine, although parents should plan to be a scribe if necessary. Kids should plan to attend regularly.

Three Thursdays a Month: 9:30am-12:30pm
Activity Rating: Mellow
Leader: Charlotte McManus-Guthrie


Early Childhood Co-op

Parent co-op hosted by the Discovery Learning Center for families with children ages 0-6.

Not a drop-in class. Registration is required. If your family would like to join the co-op this fall, please contact Stephie Tucker: for more information.

1st and 2nd Fridays: 10:30-1:30 pm

Activity Rating: Tangy
Leaders Oct. 9: Stephie & Sabrina 

Upcoming Classes & Clubs

EarthArtistry: Songs and Stories for Spirit and Sustainability 
Starting October 13th

These classes are about “Art from the heart for the Earth” to awaken our awareness of connection with the Earth and inter-dependence with each other based on original songs and stories, including those from my CD “Mother Earth Calls” and my story “Granny Green: We Are The Spirit Within It All.” We include the elements as a way of promoting appreciation for the building blocks of Life and the uniqueness of each individual.

To learn more you can visit my website where there are comments regarding the CD and a fuller description of my EARTHEARTISTRY program.

Tuesdays: 2:30-3:30
Leader: Esther Frances
This is a paid class.

Homeschool Book Club

The Homeschool Book Club will be meeting once a month, on the first Thursday of the month. 

Details about our meetings are shared in this yahoo group and we ask that you join that group before attending. 

The Santa Cruz Homeschool Book Club is a book club for homeschooled kids. Our groups include:

Bookworms: Each month we explore a book through discussion, projects and active play.   A chance to share a love of books without having to sit quietly for long periods.   Readers between the approximate ages of  6 and 10.   It's fine if the kids listen to the books read to them. 

First Thursdays: 10am-12 noon
Activity Rating:  Spicy
Leader: Melody Panttaja

Bibliophiles:  Exuberant readers  approximate ages of 10-14.  We read one middle grade novel each month and come together to discuss and experience the book through a variety of multi-sensory activities. Activities are selected to encourage thought about the key cultural, historical and literary elements of each book. Kids are encouraged to participate in the discussion of the chosen book and need to be able to focus on a variety of activities throughout the three hour club time. 

First Thursdays: 9:30am-12:30 pm
Activity Rating: Mellow
Leader: Charlotte McManus-Guthrie

DLC Activity Ratings

Mellow- this activity is calm and tends to be focused and/or structured, good for sensitive kids

Tangy- this activity is a mix of calm and high energy periods, good for kids who can focus for short periods of time but also like to get up and move around

Spicy- this activity is high energy with a lot going on, good for kids who like to be busy and active

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