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The Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization that provides learning resources to preschool, homeschool, and traditionally schooled families. The core of our mission is to provide a location and resources for pre-K through 8th grade family learning.

The Discovery Learning Center
Come on in! On any given day, you will find parents browsing our shelves and asking for advice on curriculum. You will find a club of avid readers sitting in a circle and passionately discussing l
iterature. You will find young children exploring paint colors, or older children learning to paint in the style of van Gogh. You’ll find a mom leading a discussion of history or a professional teacher doing hands-on science experiments.

The DLC is there for you: explore our website to learn about our library, classes, clubs, and events.

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Coming Events

Open House

Come and check out our spacious new room, right next door to the old room!  We'll have hands-on activities for children of all ages, and the Lending Library will be open for check out.  More details to the right.
Friday, January 30th: 12:30-3:00
Activity Rating:  Spicy

* DLC Current News *

Come help us celebrate our move to a larger room thisFriday, January 30th, from 12:30-3pm.  We'll have tie-dye, a curriculum swap, and all kinds of activities!  Find more details below!  Join or renew your membership using cash or check at the Open House and receive $10 off a Spring Lending Library membership or $20 off a Supporting membership.

Free Classes

Our workshops are free to supporting members.  We request a $2-$5 (sliding scale based on what you're comfortable with) donation per family for each class day of all others to help support the DLC.  Some classes have an additional materials fee listed in the class description.

Active Numbers  

Exploring data and probability for ages 7-10.  We will jump, toss beanbags, roll dice, measure, compute averages, graph, and build. Computation will be done as a group, so no specific math skills needed to join in. We will need boxes or cardboard for the fourth class.
Monday: 11-12
Leader: Melody
Activity Rating: Mellow to Tangy

History Through Literature  

Each month we will read a different fictional novel based in ancient times or the middle ages.  We will learn about the history of that time, share our own research, and discuss the book.  Ages 10-14.  See more details on our class web page.
Monday: 1-2pm
Leader: Heddi
Activity Rating: Mellow
Occasional $1-2 materials fee


Exploring Geometry 

For ages 10 and up.  We will focus on area and volume in this 6 week series, both finding them experimentally and computing using formulas. Each student needs a ruler, protractor and compass (the circle drawing kind, try to get one that adjusts with a dial).
Small one time material fee. 
Monday: 2:30-3:30
Leader: Melody
Activity rating: Mellow

Creative Concoctions: Experiments, Crafts and Fun with Potions and Mixtures 

In this 6 week class participants will have the opportunity to mix safe, everyday materials, play with the results and develop creative thinking and an experimental mindset. $1 materials fee per class, parent help with clean up appreciated! Ages 4-9
Meet in the Fireside Room
Monday: 2:30-3:30
Leader: Rebecca
Activity rating: Tangy

Early Modern Times History Club

Weekly history club for kids approximately ages 7-10 and their parents. We will be using Story of the World, Pt. 3, Early Modern Times as our guide and we request that you purchase or borrow the book and read the indicated chapters as noted on our class page before attending if possible. At each meeting, we will spend 10-20 minutes on a focused discussion of the reading and then we'll do art, projects, and games related to the readings each week.  Please wear clothes that can get dirty. 
Wednesday: 1:00-2:00
Activity Rating: Tangy
Leader: Heddi
Material Fee: $1-2:00 per child, depending on the weekly activity

Minecraft Club

This club is open to all ages. Participants should have Minecraft pre-loaded on their computer and a valid Minecraft license. The iPad app won't work with the full version, so children using the app will not be able to share worlds with laptop users, though they can share with each other. Visit http://minecraft.net for information.
Wednesday: 2:30-4:30pm
Leader: Heather
Activity Rating: Tangy 


Using Ellen McHenry's textbook Botany, over 9 weeks we will be reading the chapters,  viewing video resources and some activities at home and doing  more activities, labs, games and cooking in class to further in depth learning.
No drop-ins. Class size is limited. Pre-registration required. Ages 10-14
ThursdayJan 8, 15, 22 from 3:30-5:00
Jan 29, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5 from 2-4
Leader: Heather
Activity Rating: Mellow

Preschool Snow Day

Children ages 2-5, their parents and siblings are invited to join us for a celebration of snow! We'll cut paper snow flakes, make a snow "dough", and enjoy juice flavored snow cones.  We'll experience the spirit of snow without the cold.  
Pre-registration is not required for this event. 
Friday: 10:30-12
Leaders:  Rebecca, Stephie and Barb
Activity Rating:  Tangy


Open House

Come and check out our spacious new room, right next door to the old room!  Learn more about our classes, our lending library, and how the DLC works!  Be sure to visit our welcome table before joining activities.

Event Schedule: 
Tie-Dye! 12:30-3:00- Bring your own white or light colored cotton items to dye.  Krishna and her family will be there to help you get the results you want ($2-5 donation for dyes suggested).
Free Curriculum Swap 12:30-3:00- Have curriculum or other kid friendly materials you no longer need? Bring a blanket and spread them on the lawn.  We'll browse each other's items and take things we can use.  Please take home any unclaimed items when you leave.
Lending Library 12:30-3:00- Explore our 2500+ item lending library and let us help you find the resources you need.
Snow Activities 12:30-1:15- Make snowflakes and play with snow "dough".
Basketball in the Gym1:00-2:00 Come play basketball games in the gym with Kiya.
Science of Sound 1:30-2:15- Make a glove-a-phone and learn how vibrations create sound.
Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering 2:00-3:00- Ever wondered how to play Magic, the trading card game?  Learn with student experts Hunter and Jonah.  We'll have starter decks for you to use or bring your own deck.
Fraction Art 2:30-3:00- Create and describe pictures using fractional parts of circles while parents learn about our new die cut machine.

Friday: 12:30-3:00
Activity Rating:  Spicy

Paid Classes 

IEW Writing Classes with Kelly Clawson
Thursdays, 10:30am-1:30pm
Please contact Kelly at kelly@hiram.ws for more information.

DLC Activity Ratings

Mellow- this activity is calm and tends to be focused and/or structured, good for sensitive kids

Tangy- this activity is a mix of calm and high energy periods, good for kids who can focus for short periods of time but also like to get up and move around

Spicy- this activity is high energy with a lot going on, good for kids who like to be busy and active

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