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The Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization that provides learning resources to preschool, homeschool, and traditionally schooled families. The core of our mission is to provide a location and resources for pre-K through 8th grade family learning.

The Discovery Learning Center
Come on in! On any given day, you will find parents browsing our shelves and asking for advice on curriculum. You will find a club of avid readers sitting in a circle and passionately discussing l
iterature. You will find young children exploring paint colors, or older children learning to paint in the style of van Gogh. You’ll find a mom leading a discussion of history or a professional teacher doing hands-on science experiments.

The DLC is there for you: explore our website to learn about our library, classes, clubs, and events.

Just a reminder, all attendees to DLC activities must have a membership form on file in order to participate. We offer a free, basic membership to all interested families.

Additionally, the DLC is not a drop off program. If you wish to leave the DLC campus while your child is participating in a class, activity, or club, then you must arrange for another parent or caregiver who will be staying on campus to supervise your child.

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Coming Events


2015 Family Concert Series

Next Concert: Oren and the Hiccups, Saturday, July 25th4-5pm

Oren and the Hiccups have been a favorite of our children since they were toddlers. They have fun and engaging live concerts. This band knows how to get the audience moving and singing along!  Parents, this is kids' music that doesn't make you want to lose the cd! The lyrics are fun and catchy and the music is really good. 

Read more about Oren and listen so a bit of their music at:  http://freekidsmusic.com/artists-3/oren-and-the-hiccups/

Exploring Homeschooling

Learn more about the process of homeschooling and the options for home education in Santa Cruz County in this informative one hour workshop. .  

Date: Saturday, July 1810:00-11:00am

Santa Cruz Homeschool Unconference

Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 29, 2015    9am-4:30pm

Our second annual participatory homeschool conference!  Join us for informal, collaborate conference sessions and activities for the whole family!  Learn more and register today.

How to Homeschool Pre-conference Workshop

Are you about to embark on your first year of homeschooling?  We'll talk about the legal ways to homeschool in California, explore the different styles of homeschooling, and talk about resources available in the community for homeschoolers.  We'll also spend some time discussing how to clarify your individual family's goals and needs.  

Date: Friday, August 216:00-8:30pm
Free with registration to the Santa Cruz Homeschool Unconference or a supporting membership to the DLC, $5-10 suggested donation for all others

* DLC Current News *

Thank to to all those who joined us for the first of our first event of the Family Concert Series with the Banana Slug String Band!  We had a great time and raised funds to support the DLC.  The next concert is on July 25th with Oren and the Hiccups so mark your calendar!

Free Classes

Our workshops are free to supporting members.  We request a $2-$5 (sliding scale based on what you're comfortable with) donation per family for each class day of all others to help support the DLC.  Some classes have an additional materials fee listed in the class description.

Children Just Like Me: Material World

We will be approaching cultural geography from a more mature perspective, using the fantastic book Material World but still playing  games, dancing and songs, doing crafts, and eating food to further understanding of the various cultures. Children are encouraged (but not required) to do additional projects, reports, whatever interests them about the country or culture, (especially current events) and present it to the group. Every week a family (or two) volunteers to bring traditional food from the country we are studying. I am looking for enthusiastic kids to participate, who want to be there for the fun of it, not because their parents are making them. Please RSVP to me at one4shrub@cruzio.com if you are planning to attend (so I'll know how much stuff to get together). Occasional materials fee.
Monday: 10-12
Leader: Heather
Activity Rating: Tangy


World Repair Club Event Day- Bake Sale Downtown

What can kids and families do to make the world a better place?  What can we do to help others who have a need for food, shelter, clothing, water, or education?  This week we are hosting a bake sale downtown to increase awareness about hunger and raise money for Heifer International.  Please come and support us!  We plan to be at the corner of Cooper and Pacific Ave. near O'Neill Surf Shop.  If you can't make it to the bake sale and want to support us, please contribute to our team page at Heifer International.

Location: Cooper St. and Pacific Ave., downtown Santa Cruz
Leader: Heddi
Activity Rating: Mellow to Tangy on Planning Days, Tangy to Spicy on Event Days
Materials fee:  donations and other support needed on Event Days

Brains and Minds

How do brains work? How do people think thoughts? We'll use hands-on activities to explore language, memory, perception, and more.  Group discussion will be part of this class; best for kids who can focus and listen to others. Parent participation welcome if your child is interested but may need a little help focusing.  Ages:  7-11   Please RSVP to mlwilson@ucsc.edu
Tuesday: 11-12
Leader: Meg
Activity Rating: Tangy


Math Games

Come play with us. Different math inspired games each week. Geometry, Combinatorial Game Theory , computation.
Ages 5-15 (some weeks all will play the same game, others I'll have older and younger options)
Leader: Melody
Activity Rating: Tangy


Minecraft Club

This club is open to all ages. Participants should have Minecraft pre-loaded on their computer and a valid Minecraft license. The iPad app won't work with the full version, so children using the app will not be able to share worlds with laptop users, though they can share with each other. Visit http://minecraft.net for information.
Leader: Heather
Activity Rating: Tangy 


Family Game Night

Family Game Night will continue through the summer. All ages are invited. Amber will run games for elementary and middle school age, Matt will run games for high school and beyond (RPG and CCG are options, if desired). Parents can teach their wee little ones rules to beginner games. No registration is required, but if we get over 12 families, we will need to utilize the outdoor area, so please dress and wear bug spray accordingly. Feel free to bring dinner, but no eating while actively playing. Questions can be sent to amber@bayareafreeschool.org
Leaders:  Amber-Leigh and Matthew and Heather
Activity Rating: Tangy

Upcoming Classes and Events 

Paid Classes 


Beginning Figure Drawing for approximately ages 10+. Pre-registration required by June 19th

Learn basic art terms and get familiar with graphite and charcoal. Learn to form a realistic figure, proportionate face and body, create a self portrait and practice drawing the human form with local artist Leah Mastilock. We'll view and discuss different styles of portraits by famous artists, begin shading, lighting, and other techniques to becoming a better artist, experiment, and most of all, have fun!  

All materials provided.

Activity rating: Mellow
Leader: Leah Mastilock
Cost: $90 per child
Register to lmastilock@gmail.com by June 19th
Minimum 5 kids

DLC Activity Ratings

Mellow- this activity is calm and tends to be focused and/or structured, good for sensitive kids

Tangy- this activity is a mix of calm and high energy periods, good for kids who can focus for short periods of time but also like to get up and move around

Spicy- this activity is high energy with a lot going on, good for kids who like to be busy and active

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