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    Santa Cruz Homeschool Unconference

    Welcome to the DLC!

    The Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization that provides learning resources to preschool, homeschool, and traditionally schooled families. The core of our mission is to provide a location and resources for pre-K through 8th grade family learning.

    The Discovery Learning Center
    Come on in! On any given day, you will find parents browsing our shelves and asking for advice on curriculum. You will find a club of avid readers sitting in a circle and passionately discussing l
    iterature. You will find young children exploring paint colors, or older children learning to paint in the style of van Gogh. You’ll find a mom leading a discussion of history or a professional teacher doing hands-on science experiments.

    The DLC is there for you: explore our website to learn about our library, classes, clubs, and events.

     Fun at the DLC

    A CO2 Souffle!

    Summer Lending Library Hours

    Tuesday:  10:00 am - 12:00 pm 
    Thursday: 10:00 am -   12:00 pm
    2nd Saturday of the Month: 10:00 am -12:00 pm

    Coming Events

    Library Inventory

    August 25 and 26 we will be doing a complete inventory of our items and adding barcodes for simpler check-out. Contact if you can help out.

    August 23: The Santa Cruz Homeschool Unconference!

    This summer on August 23rd, we are excited to host a homeschool conference especially for area residents. In true homeschool style, we'll be using a special format called an Unconference, in which participants set the schedule for the day and volunteer to run the sessions the morning of the conference. We think it will be an amazing family event and a great way to get to know other homeschoolers in the area. To find out more and to register, visit our extensive web page at:

    Save the date and let us know if you have any questions or want to help out!

    * DLC Current News *

    • The July Unschooling Discussion Group is cancelled.

    Workshops This Week   July 28-August 1
    Our workshops are free to supporting members. A 
    $2-5 donation per class day requested of others to support the DLC.

    Magic: The Gathering

    Come play Magic: The Gathering with other homeschoolers!  Beginners and experienced players welcome. We will have an extra deck for new players who want to try it out.  This class meets on alternating Tuesdays.
    Leader:  Rebecca
    Activity Rating: Tangy
    Tuesday: 10:00 - 12:00 pm

    Minecraft Club 

    This club is open to all ages. Participants should have Minecraft pre-loaded on their computer and a valid Minecraft license. The iPad app won't work with the full version, so children using the app will not be able to share worlds with laptop users. Visit http://minecraft.netfor information. Activity Rating: Tangy 
    Leader: Heather
    Cost: For non-supporting members we usually request a $2-$5 (sliding scale based on what you're comfortable with) donation per family
    Tuesday:  12:00 pm- 2 pm


    The Elements This class is full.

    An 8 week long workshop on the elements and the periodic table using Ellen McHenry's course, The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe ( . This is for ages 8-13. A basic introduction to the fundamental concepts of chemistry but with the interest level of the text and activities geared to students who still like to play while they learn.  The overall theme of the curriculum is cooking and recipes, using cooking to explain chemistry concepts. Topics covered: The definition of an element, the structure of an atom, the invention of the Periodic Table by Mendeleyev, chemical formulas, electron orbitals and shells, the octet rule, arrangement of elements on the Periodic Table, atomic bonding (covalent, ionic and metallic), plus an up-close look at the families on the table: alkali metals, alkali earth metals, transition metals, true metals, non-metals, halogens, noble gases, and lanthanides and actinides.

     Thursday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

    DLC Activity Ratings

    Mellow- this activity is calm, focused and tends to be structured, good for sensitive kids

    Tangy- this activity is a mix of calm and high energy periods, good for kids who can focus for short periods of time but also like to get up and move around

    Spicy- this activity is high energy with a lot going on, good for kids who like to be busy and active

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