A science experiment in progress outside our classroom.

The Discovery Learning Center aims to provide cooperative learning experiences for families. 

We are different from the outsourced solutions proliferating these days in that we are 100% volunteer run and non-profit. We offer classes and activities based on what our active member families are passionate about teaching and learning together.

We request donations of $5-$10 per class for our volunteer-run classes to help defray the cost of running our center.

Teach or Coordinate a Class
Plan a Community Event

The Discovery Learning Center is working to provide a central place for the broader homeschooling community in Santa Cruz County to come together and strengthen our connections across sub-groups.

If you feel a calling to learn along side your kids, we invite you to organize a class at the DLC. We accept proposals for classes, activities, clubs and events on an ongoing basis.

Talk to your family. What do you want to explore together? What do you care about learning? What matters?

What type of community events do you think could help bring us together?

Come share it with us!

> Submit class proposal online

Join Our Board

The vitality of our organization is tied to the energy of our leadership and our ability to attract and retain a critical mass of committed and engaged families.

As the homeschooling landscape shifts (see our 7/15/18 "Who Teaches Your Kids" newsletter on this topic), our organization must also adapt to the needs of our community.

We need good leaders and helpers, doers of all sorts, on our board. Please join us! 

> Email us to learn how you can get involved

Work in the Lending Library
Another way to contribute to our community is to volunteer to work in our lending library of over 2500 educational items.

Our librarian will train you on our computer catalog and teach you how to assist homeschooling families in finding materials to support their learning.

> Email us to learn how you can get involved


The Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz is located at:

5271 Scotts Valley Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

5271 Scotts Valley Dr