Mapping the Body with Art

My daughter, age almost 11, asked me to find something in the sciences that would really push her to the max, academically. Voila, Ellen McHenry has just the thing: Mapping The Body With Art. Ellen McHenry has a knack for making complicated biological processes make sense for younger children. Having taught her Chemistry and Cells classes, I judge that this class will be accessible for interested middle schoolers. 

This class is based on a video course. You will need to purchase the eCourse ($24.95) available at:

Our class will be spent drawing along with the video as well as doing the supplemental labs, games, activities and cooking together.

Students will also be required to spend time doing an online drawing lesson (30-50 minutes) at home each week as well as watching the supplemental videos at their discretion throughout the week.

Why drawing? At the end of the course you have created your own textbook.

From the McHenry website:

In this module, we will start with a water molecule and a carbon atom and work our way up, constructing amino acids, proteins, sugars, lipids, membranes, organelles and then, finally, a complete human cell.  We’ll also meet some prokaryotic cells (bacteria) along the way, since they are the most abundant cells in our bodies. "This is the first part (one quarter) of a full year high school course in anatomy and physiology. The curriculum starts with just a water molecule and builds its way up until students are building (drawing) cells and tissues, and then organs and organ systems. 

What makes this course different from most others is that it is not based on a textbook and does not require a lot of reading.  Text pages are provided, but are not strictly necessary if the student is a good listener and does a good job of drawing along with the video lessons, watching the supplemental videos, and doing the activities.  This makes the course ideal for audio and kinetic learners.  However, visual learners are also likely to enjoy it, as well, especially if they like to draw.  No special artistic skill or previous knowledge is required for the drawing lessons."   

We will be drawing our own anatomy textbooks. Using Ellen McHenry's eCourse, this quarter we will focus on the different type of tissues, Epthelial, Connective, Bones, Blood, Nervous and Muscle tissue. 

Starts Jan 8th and continues 12 weeks. Mondays 9-10:30

Why drawing? At the end of the course you have created your own textbook. 

Mondays: 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. 
Ages: 10-15
Activity Rating: Tangy
Leader: Heather Suhrie
Registration fee: $36 (paid online)
Materials fee: $10 (paid first class)
eCourse fee: $24.95