Summer Classes 2018

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Felt Craft

2 times
June 18 11-12
July 2 11-12

Make a fun summer-themed felt project!

Leader: Amanda Abronson
Rating: Tangy
ages: 5-10
Class Fee $5 (free with supporting membership)

Career Planning for Teens-cancelled due to low enrollment

Mondays 10-12
June 18 - July 9

Using the book What Color is Your Parachute? for Teens, we'll spend the first two weeks of class exploring student interests and creating a "parachute" that describes each teen's ideal job. In week three, we'll discuss the steps students need to take to get to their chosen job, and in the final week we'll discuss the last section of the book on interviewing and other future planning. Students will need to purchase their own copy of the book and have it for the first class and there will be reading assignments and other homework for each class day.

Leader: Heddi Craft
Rating: Mellow
Ages: 13 and up
Class Fee: $20 (free with supporting membership)

Fun with Crystals

Tu- Th 11:30 - 12:30 for 2 weeks, 
July 3-July 12

Learn about crystal structure and grow crystals.  

Leader: Melody Panttaja
Rating: Spicy
Ages:10 and up
Class Fee: $20 (free with supporting membership)
Materials fee:$3

Intro to Swing Dance

July 9, 11, 13 11:30-12:30 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

East Coast Swing is an easy and fun dance that can accompany many different kinds of music. This class is aimed at teens or pre-teens who have no experience or only beginner level experience with swing.

Leader:Amanda Abronson
Rating: Spicy
Class Fee:$35 ($20 to the teacher, $15 for the DLC)
Amanda Abronson is a homeschool teacher who loves to dance. She did not start learning dance until she was an adult, and wishes to make the joy and self-confidence of knowing dance available to teens and pre-teens with no previous experience.

Scratch Programming

July 10 - July 13 10am-11am daily

Come learn computer programming.  Scratch is a free online programming system that uses visual blocks to create programs.  Students need to bring a laptop computer with wifi capability.  We will create accounts the first day.  For more questions about scratch see

Each day we will focus on a different topic within programming as students build their own projects.

Leader:Melody Panttaja
Rating: Tangy
Ages: 7 and up
Class Fee: $20 (free with supporting membership)

Spanish Play/Practice

Tuesdays 11-12, August 14 - September 4

Spanish practice incorporating games and play-pretend. Perfect for children who have had a little Spanish instruction and want to keep in practice over the Summer, or for those with no previous experience who want to get a jump on taking Spanish in the Fall. (No reading and writing required)

Leader: Amanda Abronson
Rating: Tangy
Ages: 5 to 9
Class Fee: $20
Material Fee $5

Amanda Abronson is a homeschool teacher with an interest in Spanish. Her undergraduate degree was in Linguistics and she has studied a number of language teaching methods, including in the UC TESOL/TEFL certificate program.

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