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Membership Agreement 2019

Membership Agreement-- Lending Library Terms and Policies

1. Members have free access to the lending library during its open hours.

2. Items may be borrowed for one month.

3. Borrowers may check out up to eight items at a time from the resource center.

4. Late fees of $0.50 per item per week will be charged. This fine will be waived if the borrower has contacted the Discovery Learning Center regarding late items and arranged for their return within one week. Late fees are on the honor system.  Please compute them and deposit in the box on the check-in shelf.

5. Items should be returned in the condition in which they were borrowed. Light, normal wear is expected.

6. Regardless of what actually causes the damage or loss, replacement costs of any lost, damaged, stolen, or otherwise non-reusable items are the borrower’s responsibility. The DLC will work with the borrower to find the fairest replacement possible (for instance, if an item can be purchased used, that cost will be charged rather than the full retail value). If loss or damage occurs to an item which does not affect its usability (for instance, the loss of one cube from a Unifix set), this will be considered part of “normal wear” and no fines will be assessed.

7. Please do not mark in or on any borrowed items. Especially in the case of workbooks, curricula, and resource materials, please either purchase the corresponding reproducibles (when applicable) from the publisher, or make copies of worksheets for your own use.

8. Although the center does not prohibit the lending of items to families with a smoker in the home, we do encourage you to keep lending library items away from all smoking materials.  Items returned with a strong odor of smoke may, at the DLC’s sole discretion, incur an item replacement fee.

9. Borrowers may not check out any items (even if they have not reached their maximum) if they have overdue materials that have not been renewed or an item has been lost or damaged and has not been paid for.

10. You explicitly agree NOT to copy, reproduce, redistribute, or otherwise violate any publisher's copyrights when using any library item. (Reproducibles excepted when authorized by the publisher.

11. Children may play (only under the supervision of an adult) in the wooded area behind the Discovery Learning Center. Please do not go up the path past the social hall or onto the property of the neighboring house.  (There should be caution tape marking these boundaries.

12. We need to respect the space of our neighbors by not playing in front of rooms being used by other groups.

The Fine Print/ Disclaimer of Warranties

You are responsible for picking items that are age appropriate for your child or children under your care. You expressly agree that use of materials borrowed from the Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz is at your own risk. The Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz shall not be responsible to you for any content found in materials lent by the Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz. The Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind. No advice or information, whether oral or written obtained by you from the Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz shall create a warranty not expressly made herein.