Lending Library

Our toy library in action.

The lending library is both green and economical. Full of a wide variety of learning materials and games, the lending library offers families the ability to use items over and over without having to purchase and store them.

Instead of every family needing to buy and store toys, games, and learning materials you can borrow them instead. Do you wonder if your child will really enjoy a certain game? Borrow it and see! Do you have trouble justifying buying educational material your child will have mastered in 2 months? Borrow it instead! Do you hate having to store endless games that are each only played a few times a year? The lending library is the thing for you! Not only do you save money not buying lots of rarely used items but you are helping the environment, too.

Some of the types of items in our library include:

  • Preschool toys
  • Board games for all ages and subject areas
  • Puzzles of three to over a thousand pieces
  • Construction toys
  • Electronic learning toys
  • Foreign language learning materials
  • Beginning readers and study materials
  • Activity kits for picture books
  • Math manipulatives such as Unifix cubes, base ten blocks, and Cuisenaire rods
  • Microscopes and tabletop magnifiers
  • Unit study guides for science and social studies
  • Kits of manipulatives, text materials, and reproducibles
  • Waldorf curriculum guides
  • Montessori materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Teacher resource books for all subject areas
  • Life of Fred books
  • Story of the World books, audio, and guides
Featured lending library items:
  • We now have six complete Lentil Science kits! These kits are great hands-on science activities for kids approximately four to eight years old.  Learn about sorting, classifying, measuring, and more while playing with handfulls of silky lentils.  Each kit comes with eight activity cards and a complete set of materials to do all the activities.
  • We love cooperative games!  We have several games by Family Pastimes in the lending library.  These are games where you work with the other players to achieve a common goal.  Cooperative games are a wonderful introduction to game play for younger children.  For the youngest players, try out Snail's Pace Race, a great game for learning to roll dice and take turns as you race different colored snails across a board.

Missing Parts

Help us keep our materials in circulation!  Can you help us by donating these missing parts?

For current lending library hours, please check the main page here.