Submitting an Event Proposal

We are always on the lookout for class, clubs, one time activities, and events that might meet the needs of homeschooling families. We encourage both short and long term activities and support our volunteer led classes.  If you are interested in offering a class or activity for the DLC, please read the information below and fill out the proposal form.

What are our needs?

We host a wide variety of classes, clubs, and events.  Your activity can focus or a traditional subject matter area such as science or writing or it can focus on a specific interest such as technology or art.  At this time we have a need for class proposals for preschool and early childhood classes, art classes, and math and science classes for all ages.

We also host parent information classes and workshops on topics of interest to homeschooling families.

We welcome activities for any age range from preschool through high school.  Currently, the DLC's membership is concentrated in the 5-12 years old range, but we encourage classes for any age.

We encourage both short-term and long-term activities. We host special activities that happen once, short-term classes that meet a few times, and long-term classes that meet weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

You do not need a degree or professional experience to run a class at the DLC.  All you need is passion for your subject and the can-do attitude of a lifelong learner.  We encourage families to share any of your skills or interests.  Teens and youth are also welcome to offer classes or other activities.

What are the session dates?

The Discovery Learning Center has three terms: 
Fall Term runs from September to December
Spring Term runs January to May
Summer Term runs June to August 

Most of our classes begin and end within a single term but some classes run through both Fall and Spring or year round.

We review and approve event proposals during our board meetings on the following schedule:
For classes beginning in the Fall, we review proposals beginning in May.
For classes beginning in the Spring, we review proposals beginning in October.
For classes beginning in the Summer, we review proposals beginning in February.

The earlier you submit your class proposal, the greater your choices in dates and times and the more we will be able to promote your activity.

Volunteer Led Classes:
All of our classes and clubs are volunteer led. As a thank you, volunteers who teach classes receive a $10 credit per class hour taught at the end of each term towards future membership to the Discovery Learning Center.  This credit can be applied to both Lending Library and Supporting memberships.   (We will credit up to two volunteers per class hour.  If there are more than two volunteers, they would need to decide how to divide the $20 credit.)  Volunteers may charge a materials fee to families to cover the cost of materials used in a class.  The DLC has many basic supplies on hand (paper, pencils, scissor, markers, etc.) that may be used by volunteers for classes as needed.  You can request your credit using this form.

All Classes:
For all classes, the Discovery Learning Center will collect a $10 donation per class day to support our mission and pay for the use of the space.  This suggested donation is waived for Supporting Members of the DLC.  We will collect this donation in advance for most classes or on a drop-in basis.

How are classes promoted? 

All classes are promoted in our newsletter, on our website, and on our Facebook group.  

We encourage teachers to also do their own promotion.

How are teachers paid and how are students registered?

If you lead a class or activity as a volunteer, we ask that your students sign in on a sign in sheet for each class day.  These will be collected and at the end of each term, we will tally the class hours taught and email you a notice with the amount of credit you have towards future Lending Library or Supporting membership.  If you are asking for a materials fee for a volunteer led class, you are responsible for collecting that fee yourself.  Families attending volunteer led classes may pay the weekly $10 donation each week or in advance when the family registers.

Families may register for your class through our class registration page.  We will inform you if you do not have the minimum number of registrants for your class one week prior to the start date.

What are our facilities like?

Our main classroom has folding tables and chairs to seat approximately 12 students, a counter area, and a small amount of storage area for our teachers.  We have a supply of pencils, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, and paper, as well as a few other art supplies.  The main classroom can be reorganized to be used with or without tables or to create stations around the room.  

On a limited basis, we have access to an outdoor area.

We have limited internet access in all facilities.

How do you submit a proposal?

Fill out the class proposal form here.  The earlier you fill out the form, the more choices you will have on the schedule and the more opportunities we will have to promote your activity.

Heddi Craft,
Jul 19, 2016, 8:36 AM